Updating Core and Modules

There are two options for updating Drupal core and modules: Manual (if you use Standard installation package) or with Composer if you use Composer managed or the Thunder package.

  1. To perform a manual update, please read the "Updating Drupal core manually" at drupal.org.
  2. If you use one of the Composer managed packages, use your terminal, go to the root directory where the composer.json is located, then run composer update. When Composer finish, run the Drupal update script either using update.php or drush (vendor/bin/drush updb)

What is specific here is that TheMAG uses the Real Name module, which doesn't have a release explicitly declared as D9-compatible, so it has to be patched. To prevent dependency error when trying to update the codebase, I use an alias:

"require": {
    "drupal/core": "9.X.X as 8.9.6",

To update the core, you have to change that 9.X.X to the latest Drupal version. E.g. composer require "drupal/core:9.1.4 as 8.9.6" --no-update, then run composer update.

The video below shows how to do that.