Install TheMAG as composer-managed Thunder site

  1. Unzip the INSTALLATION/ to your development environment.
  2. The package provides a ready-made composer.json file which will install all you need to kick-start your composer-managed Thunder site. Run the composer install command from inside "themag-thunder-project" directory.
cd themag-thunder-project

composer install

Note that the thunder-project installs Drupal itself in the "docroot" directory (themag-thunder-project/docroot). Consider that on a production environment you have to configure your domain to point in that directory.

  1. Use Drush and install the site form configuration. Run drush site:install from inside docroot directory:
cd docroot

../bin/drush site:install thunder \
--existing-config \
--db-url=mysql://db_user:db_password@localhost/db_name  \
--account-name="demo" \
--account-pass="demo" \
--account-mail="" \

Change db_user, db_pass, and db_name with your database info. The --account-name is your Drupal username and the --account-pass your Drupal password. The last line "thunder_module_configure_form.install_modules_thunder_demo=NULL" tells the installer to not install Thunder demo content so you can install the TheMAG Demo content later on.

  1. If you'd like to start with demo content, enable the TheMAG Thunder Demo module:
../bin/drush en -y themag_thunder_demo

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