Create a Shop Landing Page

  1. Under Administration toolbar choose Structure > Pages. (/admin/structure/page_manager)
  2. Click on the Add page button.

  1. Add page informations
    1. Enter the Administration title and Administration description for the page.
    2. Enter a Path for the page. In this example the page will be accessible under
    3. For Variant type select Panels.

  1. Enter a label for your variant and choose In-palce editor for a Builder.

  1. Choose a layout for your page. TheMAG demo use Layout 1 under Basic Page Layouts category.

  1. Add Content
    1. Click on the Add content button. Add Page title and Breadcrumbs in the Page Header region and Products (3 col. grid) in the Content region.
    2. Enter Title for the page and click the Finish button.

Now your Shop landing page is created and is accessible at If you already have products in your store, your landing page should look like this: